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System Monitoring

The benefit of the system monitoring program to the customer is that we can, by leveraging monitoring, provide a much faster remediation time than the competition. By monitoring their important IT systems, we can know of a disruptive issue as early as (and in some cases earlier than) our customer. Furthermore, we no longer need to rely on the customer to tell us what the issue is because the monitoring solution will point us more directly to the problem and therefore cut down our trouble shooting and fix time. Being able to leverage the same Imagine Monitoring Solution for remote access into the device in question is another way of getting our customer up and running more quickly. Outsourced IT Support to Experts – a staff of experienced, highly skilled resources will be “watching” the customer’s network 24/7 and dealing with network issues as they arise, allowing the customer to focus on core business activities. Higher Levels of Employee Productivity – by watching the customer’s network and responding immediately to network issues as they arise, the business impact of any IT failure is reduced by shortening the mean time to incident resolution, thus resulting in increased customer productivity levels. Cost Savings – monitoring the customer’s network will allow us to quickly determine the root cause of any network issue, thereby reducing the timely task of issue diagnosis from hours to minutes – resulting in substantial cost savings to our customers. Accountability and Transparency of ISP, Network Performance and other Hosted Applications – we can monitor the availability of the customer’s Internet connection and provide reporting around the actual availability of such services that the customer purchases. Improved Customer Service Experience – through higher call priority over non-contract customers.

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