Transform Your Living Room into the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

It takes more than a big-screen TV and a few speakers to transform a room into a place to enjoy a true cinematic experience. The right home theater company in Southlake, TX can help make the switch from ordinary to an oasis of entertainment. From the right equipment to the best decorative addons, any home can be upgraded with an eye for fun.


The Screen – Home Theater Starts Here


Bigger is not always better when it comes to televisions. The screen you choose must fit into the space whether you mount it on the wall or use a stand or other furniture base. Consider the viewing distance from the couches and chairs. Anything from 50” to 85” can give a true theater experience depending on the room. Also take care when choosing the screen quality, especially from an angle. Unless all your seating is right in front of the screen, you do not want to limit enjoyment for friends and family sitting to the side.


Wired for Sound – Create Inescapable Atmosphere


Smaller living rooms mean anyone can hear onboard TV speakers or a simple sound bar. For the full home theater ambience, however, surround sound is a must. It provides maximum immersion in the movie, show, or game. Also, it mimics the in-theater experience much more closely. Always opt for professional installation. The To Design experts know exactly where to place additional speakers for the best soundscape.


Living Room Seating for Home Theaters


In most cases, you do not want to turn your living room into an actual movie theater with rows of attached seating. After all, you also use the room for other purposes than watching movies. If you do not want to invest in new pieces, arrange your existing couches and chairs so every seat has a good view of the screen. If you have extra money in the budget, think about measuring your space for a comfortable sectional. These come in multiple sizes and shapes with recliners, footrests, and even fun features like cup holders and storage cubbies.


Decorative Accents for the Full Movie Experience


Two options exist for living rooms transformed into home theaters. First, you can try to hide all the equipment as much as possible and go with your favorite home style. Second, you can lean into the movie theater ambience and add Hollywood-style accessories. Remember the wild, multi-color prints of old-school movie theater carpet? Consider a throw rug or using fabric with a similar style for throw pillows or curtains. Hang up movie posters and use movie reels for wall clocks, art, or serving trays. Add a popcorn machine or candy case always stocked with theater boxes of sweet treats.


No matter how large or small, every living room can transform into the ultimate movie-watching oasis. The To Imagine home theater company in Southlake, TX knows what it takes to transform ordinary living rooms into full media experiences. Every customer gets a unique design that suits their needs, interests, and budget. Contact us today to get started realizing your entertainment dreams.

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